29 Ekim 2008 Çarşamba

Günaydın vietnam

günaydın, iyi uyudunuz mu?
Bill, You are 100% right in your writing. This heat that is stored in our
earth is huge. You only have to dig or drill until you reach the 700 plus degree
mark. This 700 degree mark is fine to make super heated steam. This steam
can be used run a steam turbine. Turn the turbine to power a generator. Now for
the problems. As you stated the earth's crust is always moving. Some areas
more than others. This can destroy the thermal vent needed for the heat. The
simplest solution is to drill many thermal vents large enough to power our
planet. Some places on this earth the mantel is thinner. This would be a great
place to start. PS: Sea Water can be used instead of drinking water to make
steam. This is expensive but in the long run it is the best solution for
electric utility companies. But what about the people of the United States. We as
individuals cannot afford millions of dollar in equipment for electricity. As
individuals Solar Electric and Small Wind Generators can meet our individual
needs just fine. We can afford these types of renewable energy. Thermal
energy is the only solution for massive electrical power generation. I cannot
think of any Electric Utility Company that is not intrenched in fuel or is
willing to change. Only we the people; are willing to change. That is what this is
all about. We need to change, not electric utility companies. Electric
utility companies don't like change because change is associated with more cost to
do business. So what should we do? We need to change ourselves and too bad
for the electric utility companies. I have a thought. If we all change then
the local electric utility companies can be our back-up generator. Wow! It is
up to all of us to change. I would rather spend money now to eliminate paying
for the rest of my life save money than to pay for the rest of life a
electric utility bill. Look at how many charges outside of electric usage. I have
spent over $250,000 in the last 40 years for electricity. Electricity does not
increase in value it only cost more the longer we take to solve this
problem. Geothermal solutions will still have electric bills and that is something
all of us want to do away with. Here in the United States of America 11% of
our energy is from renewable energy. I would like to see that increased to 100%
during my life time. Wind, Solar, Hydro and Geothermal and one other are
renewable energies. Fuels, Coal, Nuclear are not renewable energies. This is our
problem and we need to change from non-renewable energies to renewable
energies. It will take time like everything else. When I started driving gas was
$.25 and it cost $5.00 to fill up. Now it cost over $75.00 to fill up.
Electric cost $.02 a KW and now it is over $.19 a KW. The truth is electricity has
no cost. Gas has no cost. It is just like geothermal. It there below our feet
yet we will charge lots of money to get it out of the ground. I have a simple
solution and that is own your own micro generator using wind or solar or
both. This is the only real solution for Americans to become independent.
Problem solved! Just ask yourself this one question. "Do I like paying for
electricity for the rest of my life?" I know my answer.